Skills required to be a locksmith

    1. A locksmith needs to have a very good eyesight and good hand-eye coordination.
    2. The job of making keys and locks requires a lot of patience and so a locksmith should be able to work for long and extended hours with a lot of concentration.
    3. Technology is changing rapidly and there are a lot of inventions in security systems. New security systems are invented often, so a locksmith needs to stay up to date with all the latest developments.Skills required to be a locksmith


  1. A locksmith has to keep trying and experimenting with different devices and mechanisms to get to know different methods of making locks.
  2. A locksmith needs to have dexterity and good skills in handling mechanical and electronic gadgets.
  3. A locksmith should have an understanding of security and lock mechanisms.
  4. Ability to use different kinds of tools.
  5. Effective communication skills are also required to be able to understand what the customer needs exactly.

Educational Requirements to become a locksmith

How to become a locksmith? At the high school level, the students who wish to become locksmiths should take up subjects like mechanical drawing, physics, and maths and electronics.

A high school certificate could be a minimum requirement to take up a lock smith’s course that is offered by a local college that offers locksmith training.

Students are taught basics about the mechanisms of lock and keys, distinguishing between locks and keys manufactured by different manufacturers.

The locksmith training also consists of a number of courses like key duplicating machines, modern alarms, keys for automobiles and high-security locks.

After the students are taught the theoretical part of these subjects, there is a practical training and exams to test the students’ understanding.

The courses offered by the association called Associated Locksmiths of America have a very good repute in the industry and it is advantageous to take up a course offered by this organization.

There are online courses also available for people to acquire the skills required to become a locksmith.

A license is required to be a locksmith and the licensing requirements for every State are different

The main tricks of the trade can be learned by training under a licensed locksmith who has experience. This is called an apprenticeship.

Locksmiths who work on safes require a lot of skills to be mastered .and those locksmiths who unlock cars, homes, and businesses have to perform a very lucrative job. At the same time, it is not very time consuming and does not require many tools.

Locksmiths who work as residential locksmiths are responsible for installing locks, drilling locks and re-keying of locks. Community locksmiths are responsible for installing security gates, master key systems, and storage systems.

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