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A locksmith is a professional who deals in the art of making, installing and opening locks. A locksmith will make a key following the pattern of an existing key or fit a key to a lock that has no key. The locksmith also repairs locks that have suffered a dysfunction or from being damaged.

A locksmith Montreal will also determine a level of risk for a certain situation or institution and recommend the appropriate security system or different layers of security by using a lock and key system. A locksmith may work at a commercial level such as in a storefront or a mobile locksmith who works out of a van or other similar vehicle or is employed as an institutional locksmith, which is a locksmith employed by a school, hospital or other company. Locksmiths may also specialize in one type of smithing such as an automotive locksmith, a master key locksmith or locksmith technician.

Locksmith Montreal, Quebec Canada

Locksmiths are not required to be licensed and they are not required to be formally trained. There are educational opportunities available, usually through vocational institutions that offer training opportunities. The programs outfit the students with a basic set of locksmith tools. Individuals can also learn the art of locksmithing from an experienced locksmith willing to make the effort and teach.

Locksmiths not only work on locks, but they also install hardware, doorstops, door closers, electronic strikes and other types of door hardware. Locksmiths may also be security consultants where they are to know how to keep someone out with a system of locks and other hardware.

When a locksmith installs a lock system on an office building, they usually become the locksmith by default and will usually retain a set of keys to gain access to the building in the event of an emergency. The locksmith will typically keep track of all the locks and keys used, serial numbers, dates when locks were changed or repaired and any other pertinent information such as locks being connected to an electronic lock system.

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Locksmiths are often excellent problem solvers and are willing to work crazy hours. It is always essential for locksmiths to be very discreet. Having the ability to gain entrance to a building, room or office, gives the locksmith access to confidential and sensitive information. Locksmiths often have a code of conduct they work by and pledge not to use their skills for evil.

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