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Since becoming a locksmith in Liverpool some 6 or 7 years ago I’ve noticed that google has become swamped with locksmith companies fighting for your business.

All of them pretend to be local locksmith companies but in reality most are National Call Centres who sub contract locksmith work to their preferred locksmiths.

Locksmith Call Centres pay their locksmiths a percentage of the total bill charged to you the customer and this can vary from 40% to 60% in my experience.

If the Locksmith is having to pay for replacing parts and fuel and then only getting 40% I believe this forces them into having to over charge.

Locksmith Liverpool, Lancashire, North West England UK

In my honest opinion, I believe that their approved locksmiths are the locksmiths that make them the most money and are not necasarily the locksmiths that do the best job for the customer.

So how do you know whether your getting a genuine Liverpool Locksmith? The truth is that if you use the internet to search it is very difficult for the independent companies like mine to be found because of the costs involved in reaching the front page of Google and other search engines.

In the past it was possible to get listed on Googles local listing but even this has become more difficult as these Locksmith Call Centres are simply using local numbers and making up Local addresses and registering themselves as locksmiths in Liverpool.

One way to try and find out whether the person you are talking to is an actual Liverpool Locksmith is to ask where they are based and see how long it takes for them to think of the answer. Another sign will be their unwillingness to give accurate pricing and they will normally quote an hourly labour charge plus parts and say they can’t give a price for parts without knowing the type of lock you have. In reality this information can be gathered by simply knowing what material your door is made from.

My advice is steer clear of anyone who won’t give an accurate quote to complete the work and any Locksmith that wants to quote by the hour or half hour.

From my experience any Locksmith of any worth should be able to get a customer into their property in minutes and not hours.

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