How to pick a lock

How to pick a lockHave you ever got yourself locked out of your house? You would agree that it is the most undesirable thing happened to you. You might have stood out freezing for some time until you find a solution or someone arriving with the duplicate key. In such cases, if you have decided to learn how to pick a lock and then had not tried it, then here are the ideas that would certainly help you to pick a lock and get into your house, when you are locked out. You can manage to pick a lock very easily. Most of the locks used at homes and work can be opened with the pin and tumbler concept. If you know how to open the lock with these tools, then you achieve opening the locks with no hassles and mess.

You can find that the most useful tool when it comes to opening a lock is the tension wrench. A pin and a pick too are efficient when it comes to picking a lock. In fact, you can find that to pick a lock, you can use many of your household items. The idea on the working concept of the locks helps a great deal in picking the lock. The simple locks have pin and cylinders. When they are locked, the pins keep the cylinder in place and prevent them from turning. All you need to do in this case is to put away the pins from keeping the cylinders in space.

You need to know which way the lock unlocks. Only then you would be able to pick the lock. If you know the direction the lock unlocks, it is pretty much easy to unlock the lock. Else, it takes a little longer, as you need to find out which way the lock unlocks. How-to-pick-a-lock-2You can find this out by trying to pick the lock in one direction and see if it works. If it does not work try in the other direction. Try clockwise and if it does not work try picking anticlockwise. Either one of them should work for sure. Now, you need to place the wrench in the lock. It is better to place in the lowest portion of the keyhole.

After you have placed the wrench in the keyhole, you need to start picking the upper portion. You can feel the pins placed in the upper portion of the lock and push them. You need to try every pin and do it one by one. You can also know by feeling the pins if they have all pushed up. Once they are pushed up, turn the wrench. Now, you need to turn in the direction, the lock unlocks. The lock is unlocked now. If you want to know how to pick a lock, if it is a combination lock then, you need to use bolt cutters. You can also go to the manufacturer with the serial number and you can get a duplicate key.

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