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Situated only a few hundred feet across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., Arlington, Va., shares more with their closest neighbor than just the waterway. When George Washington was given the right to choose where the nation’s capital would be formed, he did that legendary coin toss across the river from his own home here in Virginia. He loved the land he lived on and wanted that reflected in the area where the country he served would lay the foundations for their capital city.

Arlington VA Locksmith

That was just the beginning. As the nation’s capital grew, so did the area around Washington’s home property. Settlements grew along both sides of the river, and eventually, one side became the capital, and the other gave birth to Arlington, Va. The tree-lined hills, as well as materials brought in through the nearby Chesapeake Bay, were used to construct all of the buildings the newly installed government would need, and the homes they would live in the rest of their lives. The richness of the interwoven cultures brought by the citizens began to be reflected on both sides of the river, from the government to military, architectural designs still reflect the excitement and grandeur of that day.

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Known primarily as the home of both the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery, the city holds much more to show the tourist as they pass through the area on their way to Washington. Home to world-renowned museums, zoos, and other cultural retreats, it is also home to the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, housed at the Alexandria campus of the Northern Virginia Community College. The hall was designed to be an acoustical wonder, providing clear and resounding music throughout, even into the highest reaches of the nearly 2000-seat complex. It has entertained more presidents and dignitaries than any other in the country.

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