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padlockCurrently, there are approximately 2,500 trained locksmiths working in England. In case you need a locksmith’s services, the first and foremost step should be to make sure that your locksmith is registered with the Master Locksmith’s Association (MLA). MLA is the recognized national body responsible for setting industry rules and standards of conduct. Every licensed locksmith or locksmith company must undergo a thorough inspection before they are given the licence to work.

Also, note that there’s different types of locksmiths, some specialize in general/basic tasks such as key cutting and lock fitting where as some are more expert and provide other advanced services such as security system installation and CCTV set-up. Therefore while choosing a locksmith, remember to ask lots of questions as doing so will help you determine the level of the locksmith’s expertise.

In addition to the technical expertise, you must consider how reliable and trust worthy the locksmith is. Usually locksmiths who are affiliated with a locksmith company are more reliable as compared to those of work on a self-employed basis. Another thing to look at is the after service care. Make sure that the locksmith/locksmith company you have chosen provides customer care services even after the job has been completed.

When it comes to picking the right locksmith, you may also rely on your friends’ or colleagues’ recommendations and go for the locksmith they deem reliable and competent. Note that the competent the locksmith, the more money you will have to pay. But in this case money should be the last thing to worry about and safety always comes first.

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